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Since 1996 we at the Furniture Doctor have been offering quality service in Sudbury and area. Carl is a Certified Furniture Technician with 27 years of experience and Louise has 12 years of experience.

Virtually everyone we do work for returns with additional pieces and/or sends their friends and family to see us. This is the greatest testament to our success. From the moment you enter our shop to the moment your furniture is delivered, we are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction. Honesty is our policy.

Restoration involves much more than simply putting a finnish on a piece of furniture. It includes repairs such as replacing pieces or filling gouges or deep scratches, and sometimes removing stains. It also includes re-gluing and re-strengthening the piece, whether it’s adding corner blocks or re-laminating a top or just re-gluing the drawers. Sometimes canning (replacing the web or a chair seat or back) is involved. Or other times it becomes necessary to make a new top for a table or dresser.

When repairing spindle chairs, all the broken spindles are duplicated on the lathe. The chair is then put back together with a special glue which we can guarantee will prevent your chairs from ever becoming loose again.

Restoration also includes sanding. Sanding is very critical and is the secret to a beautiful smooth finish. Sometimes the amount of sanding we can do is limited, especially when sanding veneers. Because it's often paper thin, sand paper can go through it in seconds depending on the type of wood involved. Sometimes a little artwork or dark colours can hide marks.

The final step in the restoration process is applying a finish. Over the years We've tried different finishes and the one that we find the most durable for furniture is an acid cured lacquer. The results are unbelievable. We also restore pianos and kitchen or bathroom cabinet, contemporary pieces such as teak furniture.

We often do insurance work where there has been fire or water damage and are well aquainted with what needs to be done.

Restoring furniture is an art. The "artists" need the patience, knowledge and experience to produce good results and we have it all.

Come in to our shop off the Kingsway and and see our work for yourself.

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